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Calabasas Rams Tackle Football

7/10/2021 All Coaches Meeting Mandatory for head coaches Grace Brethren Church 9:00 AM
    Mand. for 1st year coaches (Royal H.S. MPR)  
    Highly recommended for all    
  All Coaches BG Checks and Certs need to be completed    
7/12/2021 First Official Practice No-Pads (Helmets OK)    
7/19/2021 First Official Practice with Pads    
7/26/2021 First Official Team Practice - First Official Contact Practice    
7/31/2021 Early Weigh-Ins Only for players previuosly submitted Royal H.S. Rm 10-4 10:00 AM

Home Field: Calabasas High School

Offseason Conditioning: Mid May

First Game: August 22nd

Conference: Gold Coast


Age Groups

9-11 Freshmen

10-12 Sophomore

11-13 Junior

12-14 Seniors